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sleep [Mar. 29th, 2008|03:27 pm]
[Current Location |jessica's bed]
[mood |cold feet?]
[music |Nightwish]

so im sitting at jessica's house right now. i'm tired, smelly and hungry. i'm acutally not that hungry because i ate some soybeans earlier but eating right now would be very agreeable for myself. anyhow, i was woken up at seven this morning to go move cars in the front yard. wonderful. the neighbors were staring at me walking around in boxers and a sublime tshirt. then it started raining and i peeled out back to the house and went back to sleep only to wake up again around 12 because i had to help this guy mike with his chemistry class. apparently his teacher at UL is like, crazy hard and goes really fast with the material. i have trouble keeping up. whatever though. it doesnt matter. i kinda cheated out after an hour of studying because i honestly dont want to spend a saturday learning chemistry and then teaching it to someone else. es not my thing. whatever though.

tonight jess and i may or may not be going to a graveyard in crowley and playing manhunt. and we may or may not go to a party after. i dunno. :P

alright stop, showertime.
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underneath the ultra-bitchin' tree... [Mar. 15th, 2008|12:30 am]
Um, greetings? From mars i have returned. so im at jessicas house livin it up about to watch mr brooks. ive never seen it... >.>

So, a am officially an alum (alumna? ae? wtf?) of the AcAdEmY oF tHe SaCrEd hEaRt so wow.  it was the most pretentious thing i have attended in a while. they think they are such hot shit when in fact they are just like every other alumnae association. whatever. i mean... it was high school. honestly... the speaker made me laugh my ass of though. She told a story about how some girls in her class painted the fingernails of the jesus statue out in the front gardens and put mardi gras beads around his neck. seriously, i laughed so hard. everyone looked at me strangely. >.> whatever though, i mean, i wanna do that. some of the freshman stole jesus's hand the other day and put it in Mater's lap. um, so why would you make a jesus statue with removable hands is beyond me... i just cannot think of an occasion that the jesus statue would need to temporarily be without hands.  because, when was the last time anyone saw a one-handed, or no handed jesus? well, at my school, we got him. he's come.

oh yes, i am about to have a special thing. blue airheads. thank ... the creator of airheads.
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(no subject) [Aug. 6th, 2007|12:57 pm]
so trying to type a study guide for exams is hard to do when you have livejournal, facebook, aim and texting. wowz.

College life... hmm...
cafeteria food is okay. the breakfast is fucking awesome though. nice to wake up to good food before you have to go to a 8:00 boring class for an hour and a half. yeah, and then when class is over i get to go to get coffee before my 9:45 class. which is also boring. after that, at 10:15 i eat another meal and then fly! Flying over the Mississippi is awesome. Ive done it twice i liked it so much. I was going to fly to lafayette, but every time i tried to, the weather was teh suck. my grandma was like aww, well, you stay if the weather gets bad. okay big mama.
i havent loved my livejournal in a while.
i miss my flight instructor. he left a couple weeks ago to go do multi engine stuff in florida. i have a surrogate flight instructor and he's cool, but i miss my other one. he was extra special. i wonder if he misses me. XP.
school starts soon. killme. i am seriously gonna have no summer to speak of. but tthat's whatever. im going to miss my friends here. i kind of like it because i feel like im back in MIssissippi because there, i had like 287 guy friends and 2 girlfriends. that's like here except i dont have any girlfriends really. and we play halo2 and hang out and watch tv and go to the movies and are bored in ruston together. i miss how it used to be back home.
i honestly dont even feel like going back to high school. there's nothing wrong with me skipping senior year, right? i mean, i make the same grades and shit as the rest of the guys in my class and i honestly cant think of anything next year that i'll learn that will just make me so much more awesome at college.
i'm in the computer lab. when i first came in here, some guy was walking out and smelled horribly of armpit and body fluids. he just walked back in. i can smell him. i might have to move, i dont do well with disturbing smells. if he was making an annoying noise i could put on my headphones, but i dont have any nose phones. or noseplugs for that matter. and i dont know if i want to inhale through my mouth. its pretty strong, i wouldnt want to end up tasting it.
ive been really into the black keys the last couple of weeks. i heard one of their songs at the beginning of the summer, liked it, went to buy that cd, ended up buying a different one and have had that in my car for at least a month. ill put my mixes in for a few days, but the black keys keep on creeping into the cd player.
the smell has dissipated and [im assuming] is remaining in a cloud around this individual. people walking by pose the only issue. they disrupt the cloud.
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(no subject) [Apr. 25th, 2007|02:30 am]
[Current Location |nail place]
[music |>.< countrz from the radio]

the z and y are replaced on this german computer. shoot me.

this week has been prettz exciting.  mz mom told me she was considering letting me go to the summer flight program but then she was concerned about supervision. i asked mz friend who is moving there if i could live with her and her parents and she said zes, but the college wont let me live off campus i learned todaz. shit. there goes mz cool plans. sheäs still considering it though, so mazbe sheäll get over that. oh and also, the apostrophe button has ä. thanks. 

todaz i went with valerie, sushi and katmc to get their nails and hair done.  thez reallz want me to do that stuff to mzhself and im like wtf no. i wouldnt know what to do with fake nails. <i do want to dze mz hair blonde though. just once. a cheap bleach blonde. loly. i figure i wonät do it when im 30 or smoething so whz not do it now? zes. do it.

i have to do a term paper on william blake and i reallz like his poetrz so far. its sweet. and nice.

I am ridiculouslz hungrz. i think we are going to mels or mazbe somewhere chinese.

o za, and coach talked to mz mom about prom and sheäs thinking about letting me go. i dont have a date anzmore, but im just glad i get to go. it should be fun.

w00t on saturdaz, festival! thez are letting me loose for 2 hr periods at a time zazaz!!

iäm so excited for next zear if i come back. its gonna be kat mccloskez the fasian and morgana the nervous wreck and me in a room together. its gonna be a fun zear.  i want a laptop though. hopefullz morgana will get one so i can jack hers because kat has hers superglued to her fingers.

i feel like im about to faint in this little nail place. it smells like strong chemicals in here. the things people do for beautz.
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(no subject) [Apr. 14th, 2007|10:09 pm]
I went to the movies tonight and saw Blades of Glory.  I want to marry Will Ferrell or however you spell his name.  I dont care if he's a hairy fat dude.  And Jon Heder or whatever his name is can be my boyfriend.  Some funny shit.

I made my dad listen to the Shins new album and he was like "theyre pretty cerebral." WTF. Then, I made him listen to it a few more times and he hates it.  He's crazy.  So crazy.

I have school in 2 days and i have about 2 shitloafs of homework.  I think I'll murder my english teacher and then do everything else tomorrow night.  That should all work out.  I hate english class.  No, that makes no sense.  I like to read.  I like english.  Etc. It must be the teacher. Whatev

I went to the thrift store yesterday and had a blast.  I got like 9 pairs of sunglasses.  No lie.  The kinds that are all black with neon arms or whatever.  So good.  If anyone didnt know, those are the best beach sunglasses ever.  I know in Lafayette people arent really beach experts, but I am one.  Cheap plastic sunglasses are bestest ever.  and I got some pair of skate shoes there too.  theyre in really good shape, thats why i got them.  also because they were like 5 dollars.  my little brother, the "skater", says "UGH! Those are poseur shoes."  I'm a poseur, ya'll.  As if I got some real good skate shoes I wouldnt be a poseur because I dont skate anyway. >.>

Ive eaten 3-4 bags of sunflower seeds in the past like.... day.  My mouth is shriveling up and dying.  Whoops!
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(no subject) [Apr. 11th, 2007|06:44 pm]
I don't want to go to the beach tomorrow.  I have a feeling I will be forced to go to the beach and then get a sunburn and die.  I'll have sand in my ears for days.  Whatever

Today I went to the doctor to get something to fix my TMJ.  I dont think this thing will work very well, because I dont know if I grind my teeth at night, because Im not seeing any like, wear on my teeth.  Anyways, this thing is ugly as balls.  Its clear and about 1/4 an inch thick and makes me have a lisp.  Doctoro says I need to wear it "as much as possible" on account of how awful my jaw pops and locks.  Pop n lock.  lawl.  whatev. o ya, and I spit.

I need to get my hair cut...... I think I might just shave it.  Not really.  That does seem exciting though.
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Bob and alarms are loud. [Apr. 10th, 2007|04:43 pm]
[Current Location |couch]
[music |Bright Eyes- Reinvent the Wheel]

Holy moly. This makes me happy.  I feel young again.  Not that I feel old or anything horrible, I just feel like I'm back in middle school or freshman year when everything was so much more simple and easy.  wow.

So, right now, I'm over in Mississippi waiting on my mom to do something or other so that we can go to the store to get a number of random things.  My little annoying brother is playing video games and some other guy is like, testing the alarm system on my house.  Every hour or so I get to hear a new alarm that is as loud as something awful.  

My best guess(considering my medical background) is that my finger is only jammed.  Not broken like my mother thinks.  Yes, my finger is crooked, but so is my other small finger. My right hand small finger is swollen and blue, crooked and hurting.  But not really really hurting.  Some people would be like, going to the hospital or something but I mean, I can bend it about 45 degrees.  That's good, aye?  Yes. It is.  

Killing my english teacher would bring much pleasure to my soul.  ...

Outside, its rainy and shit-ass.  Yes, that is an adjective.  Many people have not heard it, but its a word. In the dictionary.  Meaning grey and damp and cold and wet, when used in reference to the weather on april tenth in mississippi.  yes. it all makes sense now.  I cant even take Cooter for a walk.  She's like having seizures on the deck wanting something to do.  My mother is afraid that she will eat something valuable. LIke... a pot.  Or some leaves. >.> Cooter is perfect.  she's a catahoula. I loves them.

I FINALLY got to the music store to get the new shins album and Four Winds.  Me encanta.
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(no subject) [Feb. 15th, 2006|11:12 am]
I'm going to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and I'm pretty stoked.
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(no subject) [Feb. 10th, 2006|10:32 pm]
[mood |drunkdrunk]

I have decided to revive my livejournal, because nobody reads it and for that reason, i will do that.

So, right now, I am at Miranda's house and its not boring as it would be at home. Home, btw, is with my grandma and my mom and my brother and sometimes my dad and sometimes my aunt and sometimes my other aunt and sometimes Syamala(this really cool indian woman), and Bob, the bird.

I watched Red vs. Blue today, for the first time and I liked it. Movies complete my life. I watched this movie yesterday called Thumbsucker, and it totally had nothing to do with the title except for that the guy sucked his thumb for like the first 3 minutes of the movie. Then he started taking pillz and quit. I saw Brokeback Mountain with my grandma and LOL she was really freaked. But then my aunt was like "I TOLD YOU THEY WERE QUEER COWBOYS" and Big Mama's like "well, hell, I didn't know that was true." I deff deff saw this like press conference thing with George Bush
so, this kid stands up and is like, "Did you see Brokeback Mountain?" and he was at a loss of words. Pretty much. I do not like politics.

I wonder if there are pills you can take to make your brain uncapable of having a song... in... it.

<3 Cherie
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(no subject) [May. 15th, 2005|10:14 am]
ive been denied all the best ultrasex

if i get goosebumps one more time, im gonna kill someone cause i totally just shaved my legs
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